“Training for Trainers” on the EORE Platform

On January 21, 2022, another successful Ukrainian Deminers Association project called “Training for trainers” was completed on a specially created training platform “Explosive Ordnance Risk Education” (EORE).

Within this project, more than 500 Donetsk and Luhansk residents studied at the EORE course. The training took place online, students read lectures and did exercises on their own at a convenient time for them. All those who successfully passed the exam received international certificates, which were automatically generated on the platform. By the way, the automatic generation of certificates makes it impossible for people to interfere with the process of obtaining certificates and makes this process open and transparent.

In total, 402 people successfully completed the EORE training course. Thus, the project was completed by 134% (402 beneficiaries were obtained with the required 300). The rest of the students who have registered for the course but have not yet passed it have an opportunity to study and continue.

Residents of the Donetsk region were more active – 298 people, Luhansk region – 104 people.

The gender distribution was almost equal to 55% of women and 45% of men.

The UDA’s project covered different age categories of the adult population from the 1956 year of birth (the oldest students of the course) to the 2004 year of birth (the youngest).

The target audience was made up of representatives of the following professions: teachers, labour safety engineers, employees of military-civil administrations and civil defence, agricultural workers and enterprises, miners, cadets of Donetsk University of Internal Affairs and students, carriers, police, law enforcement officers, employees of non-governmental organizations, etc.

In total, the project covered 72 settlements with the most vulnerable population, namely: 47 settlements of the Donetsk region (including 2 settlements on the NGCA) and 25 settlements of the Luhansk region.

A special group in Viber “EORE Course” was active to fully support the study process during the active phase. Almost 24/7 students had an opportunity to solve problematic issues related to the course, which were usually related to technical issues.

The high efficiency of the project, positive feedback from students, as well as the large number of those wishing to study the course after its completion, indicates the need for similar projects in the future. Moreover, given the fact that a significant number of candidates from other regions of Ukraine applied for the training course, it is advisable to conduct an EORE training course on an online platform for residents of all regions of Ukraine.

The project was implemented under the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme and with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

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