Explosive Ordnance Risk Education in the Donetsk Oblast

In December, the Ukrainian Deminers Association completed one of its most successful projects – explosive ordnance risk education (EORE) in the Donetsk Oblast.

Within the project 10 special prepared EORE trainers (5 women and 5 men – residents of Donetsk region), were divided into 4 mobile teams of EORE operators: EORE groups “Kramatorsk”, “Pokrovsk”, “Volnovakha” and “Mariupol”.

For two months, EORE trainers held 212 sessions in the settlements where the most vulnerable category of the population of Donetsk region lives. EORE sessions were conducted using interactive methods, role-playing games, visual facilities (flipchart, PowerPoint presentations, printouts). All activities were conducted in accordance with the UDA’s SOP, IMAS 12.10 and the national mine action standard 8820: 2018. Information booklets developed by the Ukrainian Deminers Association were distributed to all participants of the EORE sessions.

A total of 3919 local residents of Donetsk Oblast were informed:

• 1115 – children (567 – girls and 548 – boys)

• 2804 – adults (1883 – women and 921 – men).

All data were entered into the IMSMA database. By the way, the Ukrainian Deminers Association is one of the first organizations that directly contribute their data to the national mine action information system.

According to the research in the field of Mine Action and the recommendations provided by the UNDP, during the project more attention was paid to informing the adult population, in particular, more than 70% of the beneficiaries were adults.

All EORE teams showed high professionalism, despite the difficulties in performing tasks, especially related to the Covid-19 pandemic, EORE trainers fulfilled the plan by 124% (the organization provided 719 more beneficiaries)!

The high efficiency of the project in Donetsk region indicates the need to continue such kind of project in 2022.

The project was implemented under the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme and with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

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