“Let’s Clean Donbas Together!” will be implemented

Our project “Let’s Сlean Donbas Together!” was supported by the Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF), which provided a significant amount of funds, namely 13 thousand dollars. So we collected the dream amount!

We truly thank our Ukrainian Canadians and concerned Canadian citizens.

Moreover, within the project “European Union for the Sustainability of Civil Society in Ukraine”, implemented by ISAR “Ednannia” with the support of the European Union, we received another 40% co-financing.

Special thanks to colleagues from ISAR “Ednannia” for their endurance and efficiency.

Many thanks to the Center for Volunteers People’s Project, which has raised and continues to raise funds for us on its crowdfunding platform.

We would also like to express our gratitude for the full support of Rotary International, People’s Artist of Ukraine Tina Karol, philanthropist Andriy Savchuk, and all of you who are not indifferent and who joined us.

Thus, funds for the implementation of the first stage of the project “Let’s Сlean Donbas Together!”.  Deminers have been already ready for humanitarian demining in the area of Mariupol on Monday. It is necessary to have time to present the first hectares to Ukrainians by winter.

Ukrainians believe in God, and God loves Ukraine!

This is just the beginning, so we continue to raise funds for the next 20 hectares of Ukrainian land: https://www.peoplesproject.com/ochistimo-donbas-razom/

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