Результати гуманітарного проєкту

Results of the humanitarian project

At the end of December 2022, NGO Ukrainian deminers association (hereinafter – UDA) successfully completed work on the project of providing monetary assistance to communities affected by the conflict.

The UDA activity was carried out within the project “Humanitarian aid to victims of the conflict in Ukraine” with the support and in partnership with the International Rescue Committee.

Results of the humanitarian project

11,875 people received financial help with the assistance of the UDA, of which 5,663 were women, 3,583 were men, 1,237 – girls, and 1,392 -boys.

The amount of monetary assistance reached UAH 6,600 per person (UAH 2,200 per month).

On the image >>> you can see a graph of the distribution of financial aid between women and men.

By category of vulnerability, beneficiary households were divided into: IDP households – 2,490; households of single people; by age – over 60 – 814; people with disabilities – 1194; people with chronic diseases – 502; households headed by one person with two minor children – 258; households whose homes were damaged or destroyed during the war – 459; households with three or more children – 139; households receiving IDPs – 82.

Out of 11,875 people, 5,431 are internally displaced persons, 6,444 people are affected by the war in their communities.

The geographical coverage of Ukraine according to the results of the humanitarian project by regions:

Kyivskyi – 3441 people,
Zaporizkyi – 2398,
Chernihivskyi – 1112,
Lvivskyi – 1062,
Kharkivskyi – 1010,
Vinnytskyi – 861,
Sumskyi – 782,
Poltavskyi – 471,
Chernivetskyi – 373,
Mykolaivskyi – 215,
Odeskyi – 142,
Khersonskyi – 8.

map of the humanitarian project

The work of humanitarian coordinators of the Ukrainian deminers association with people who needed help and registered to receive money under the specified project.

the humanitarian project process

UDA continue to work for the sake of Ukrainians and our victory!

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