EORE training for military sappers

One of the integral components of humanitarian mine action is the Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE).

NGO “Ukrainian Deminers Association” (UDA)  actively conducts activities to inform the population about risks and threats which are come from explosive remanents of war. One of the most effective areas of this activity is conducting “Training for Trainers”, i.e. training of future EORE instructors, who will further conduct EORE with the target audience.

So, recently the head of EORE Direction of the UDA Serhiy Chutkyi conducted EORE training for military sappers of the 8th training center (Chernihiv) of the State Special Service for Transportation. The event took place just before the deployment of sappers (demining) to perform tasks in Ukraine.

In total, 23 sappers passed the EORE training and successfully passed the tests. The most active participants of the event received incentive prizes from the Executive Director of the UDA Tymur Pistriuha, in particular, manuals on engineering ammunition.

We hope an organization of an effective systematic training for future instructors of EORE will significantly increase safety level among Ukrainians through their greater awareness of threats and conscious change of behavior to safe. And these are our peoples’ lives and health saved!

In addition, the head of the Regional Office of the UDA in the Chernihiv region showed the representatives of the UDA’s Executive Board the training facilities of the 8th training center, which is pleasantly impressive.

It should be noted that a new Mine Action Center of the National MA Authority of Ukraine will be established in Chernihiv. Cooperation in this area was also discussed between the State Special Service for Transportation, UDA and the the Regional Office of the UDA in the Chernihiv region.

Consolidation of efforts for the common cause is one of the effective mechanisms for solving the problems of mine action in Ukraine.

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