Проект щодо підготовки вчителів

The “Mine Risk Education for teachers” project started

On 1st of  September, the 1st stage of Ukrainian Deminers Association’s (UDA) project “Mine Risk Education for Ukrainian Public Schools (age 12-18) – Train the Teacher on Mine Safety by the UDA” has been started!

This stage involves the creation of an education platform – a training course on “Mine Safety” for secondary school teachers.

Upon completion of the first stage, which is scheduled for the end of September this year, the first teachers – class teachers of secondary schools will be able to start online learning. All teachers who successfully complete the training course will receive the appropriate certificates, which will allow them to conduct training with schoolchildren in their classes to form the correct model of behaviour in the case of a threat from mines and explosive objects.

The project also includes American partners: Spilna Mova, a company that conducts grant monitoring and is responsible for international cooperation on the grant task; Risk and Security Management helps create educational videos. We thank our partners for their contribution and hope that the fruitful cooperation between the UDA and American companies will continue in the future.

Проект з «Мінної небезпеки»

We hope that the organization of effective systematic training of teachers in this direction will significantly increase the level of safety among children through their greater awareness of threats and conscious change of behaviour to safe. And these are the lives and health of our children saved!

Посольство США в Україні


The implementation of the UDA’s project, which aims to save the lives of Ukrainians became possible thanks to the financial support of the United States of America, with the participation of the U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine and U.S. Department of State.

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