Розширення сертифікації АСУ, 3 тредставники АСУ тримають нові сертифікати

UDA extension of certification for humanitarian demining

We are glad to announce that the Ukrainian Demining Association (UDA) passed the next stage of certification and received 3 more certificates of compliance with humanitarian demining processes. We have expanded the scope of certification to such processes as: Technical survey, Clearing of the combat area and Manual demining.

Obtaining these certificates defines a new level of professional growth and confirms the high degree of responsibility and competence of the MA operator.

Contamination of territories by explosive ordnance is a critical problem that arose as a result of military actions. Mines and unexploded shells pose a threat to people’s health and life, and also prevent full economic development in the contaminated territories.
Already in August of this year, humanitarian demining groups will be deployed in priority areas of communities affected by the war.

Розширення сертифікації в Центрі протимінної діяльності

We thank the Mine Action Center for the professional approach to the certification process. Also we thank our strategic partner MAG Ukraine and the Government of Canada for their support.

Photos below show the very process of certification of UDA’s sappers and medics. You can see more photos in our gallery.

групове фото - 10 саперів АСУ в пісочній формі
UDA sappers
медичний інструктаж саперів перед роботою
Briefing of sappers
сапери снаряджаються перед роботою
4 сапери працюють в полі
Demining process
3 сапери працюють в полі з металодекторами
Demining process
сапери в полі тренуються надавати першу медичну допомогу
Providing first aid

We are not resting on our laurels and are already looking at extending certification to other mine action processes.
Let’s make Ukraine safe together!

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