The largest UDA’s humanitarian demining project, supported by the Government of Canada

In May 2024, the largest humanitarian demining project (in terms of scale, funding and potential) of the Ukrainian Deminers Association with the support of the Government of Canada started.

Canada has been supporting Ukraine’s mine action efforts since 2015. The Government of Canada prioritizes localization through strengthening the capacity of the Ukrainian state agencies and mine action operators.

The project involves several phases of implementation:

  • 9 multi-purpose teams will conduct non-technical surveys of the most affected areas of Ukraine;
  • 5 multi-purpose teams will carry out manual clearance, battle area clearance and technical survey with subsequent land release to affected communities;
  • 11 multipurpose teams will conduct non-technical survey in the winter period;
  • return to clearance.
  • Also, deminers will conduct Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) for conflict affected communities.

Our deminers have already started a non-technical survey of territories in the Kherson and Donetsk regions.

UDA's humanitarian demining project, supported by the Government of Canada

🤝 We thank the Government of Canada for their trust and support.
The project is implemented in partnership with the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) Ukraine – a strategic partner of the UDA in humanitarian demining from May 2022.

Let’s make Ukraine safe together!

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