представники АСУ на сцені виставки у сфері безпеки SECURITY 2.0, на фоні великого банеру виставки

Results of the large-scale SECURITY 2.0 exhibition

At the beginning of October, the first significant event in the field of security since the beginning of the full-scale war took place in Kyiv – the SECURITY 2.0 exhibition.
The main purpose of the exhibition was: demonstration and introduction to the latest developments and technologies; creation of the platform for the meeting of leading companies and specialists of the security industry, the future development of rapid response services, cross-border cooperation, the protection of critical infrastructure, the future of the urban environment, and the protection of digital assets. And also help for businesses and the state to establish new contacts in order to find optimal solutions for current tasks, that many enterprises and companies are facing today regarding the development of modern security protection systems.

Виставка у сфері безпеки Security 2.0

NGO Ukrainian Deminers Association (UDA) was one of the organizers of the exhibition and took an active part in it. At the beginning of the second day of the exhibition, the Head of the UDA, Tymur PISTRIUHA, made an opening speech together with the Deputy Minister of Economy, Ihor BEZKARAVAINYI, and the Director of External Relations of the PA League of Defense Enterprises of Ukraine, Yulia VYSOTSKA.

As part of the “Forum for demining the territories of Ukraine. Modern technologies and equipment”, UDA held its own panel, which was moderated by the Head of the UDA Tymur Pistriuha and UDA Quality Control Manager Iryna Kustovska. Various latest developments in the field of mine action, including humanitarian demining, were presented at the panel.

UDA at the exhibition SECURITY 2.0

At the same time, a panel discussion of leading experts in the humanitarian demining market was held separately. Among the invited experts were:

– Yevhen ZUBAREVSKYI, representative of the Secretariat of the National Authority for Mine Action of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine – Mine action in the conditions of russian aggression;
– Ihor BEZKARAVAINYI, Deputy Minister of Economy;
– Oleksandr LOBOV, mine action specialist UNDP Ukraine – Mine action in Ukraine. Challenges and strategy;
– Denys HOLOVETSKYI, Deputy Head of the Halo Trust representative office (from the operational part) – Achievements of Halo Trust Ukraine;
– Tymur PISTRIUHA, Head of the Ukrainian Deminers Association.

UDA participants of the security exhibition

Over all our team is satisfied with the interaction of the exhibition participants, the results of cooperation and the participants’ attention to the important theme of the exhibition. In addition, we gained invaluable experience in organizing such a large-scale all-Ukrainian event.

The NGO Ukrainian Deminers Association is sincerely grateful to all partners, experts and participants of the exhibition!

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