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EORE Capacity Enhancement in Ukraine – Interim Report

Reported period: November 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023

Project is implemented by NGO Ukrainian deminers association (UDA), funded by a donor – NGO Mines Advisory Group (MAG), based on the Grant Agreement (November 1, 2022) and Sub Grant Agreement (March 30, 2023).

On November 16-17, 2022 head of the UDA’s EORE department conducted 2-days internal TOT, to implement the activities under the Project. As a result, 8 trainers were prepared and received the certificates. These people were divided into 4 teams that provided EORE trainings in the regions designated in the Project. In particular, in Kharkivska, Poltavska, Vinnytska, Zhytomyrska, Dnipropetrovska and Kyivska Regions.

Outcomes of the project

15,600 beneficiaries of Vinnytska, Zhytomyrska, Kyivska (including Kyiv city), Kharkivska, Dnipropetrovska, Poltavska oblasts were informed through EORE sessions offline and online.

10 UDA staff are trained on basic deminers course provided by MAG. The training will take place in Kropyvnytskyi city.
UDA supports the basic deminer course by providing for MAG 15 detectors and 15 PPEs for the period of the implementation of this project. UDA will also provide ten staff members, divided into two groups of five, who are physically suited to demining training and available for duration of training.

korostyshiv report

As a part of the project implementation 2 murals were created in the Krasnohrad (Kharkivska oblast) and in the urban type of village Narodychi (Zhytomyrska oblast).
A QR code with EORE materials was added to them to raise mine awareness for the most conflict-affected hromadas. The creation of both murals was achieved due to the close cooperation with local authorities of the respective hromadas.

мурал АСУ
мурал EORE АСУ

From November 30, 2022 to March 31, 2023 we conducted 291 EORE sessions. Total number of beneficiaries, who passed EORE sessions is now 10,283. Also 5344 children were covered during the EORE sessions.

Total number of beneficiaries disaggregated by gender

Total number of beneficiaries disaggregated by age

Interim Report MAG UDA

The geographical distribution of provided EORE face to face sessions for the communities was the following:

Poltavska – 56
Vіnnytska – 53
Zhytomyrska – 48
Kyivska – 40
Dnipropetrovska – 18
Kharkivska – 18

location report

During the implementation of the project, an internal quality control QA/QC was carried out 13 times (3 for Kharkiv, 4 for Zhytomyr, 3 for Dnipro, 3 for Vinnytsa team). After carrying out QA/QC the recommendation were given to all team which increased the quality of delivering information to beneficiaries.

Challenges and Restrictions

Report 2023

Since the large-scale aggression of Russia is going on there was/is a great willing and need of many people to have such sessions. And in some cases, they came from other locations and couldn’t wait for another session. The number of people who came to the session was sometimes more than 30-35.In those cases our teams allowed people to participate and the number of beneficiaries presented on the sessions were higher than it is recommended. So, we were doing our best with the planning and where it was possible, we planned several sessions in advance to be in compliance with the best number of beneficiaries for each session.

During sessions there were frequent rocket shelling of the territory of Ukraine. Constant air raid sirens forced EORE teams to go to the nearest bomb shelter or delay the start of the session until the air raid warning cancellation.

In case of moving the team and the audience to the bomb shelter, session environment was changing drastically since shelters are very noise and crowded. As a result of air strikes, power outages were a very frequent case. Nevertheless, all our EORE teams did there best to accomplish necessary outcomes and to inform as many people as possible.

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