тендер 4 tender термін extended

NGO “Ukrainian Deminers Association” announces a TENDER

Tender: regarding humanitarian demining of the de-occupied territory (agricultural fields) of the Makariv hromada of the Bucha raion of the Kyiv oblast. As part of the implementation of the project “Ukrainian humanitarian mine action response and assistance”, which is funded by the Donor – the UNITED NATIONS, acting through its Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on the basis of a Grant Agreement between OCHA and UDA.

Who we are looking for: Mine action operator – service provider.

Participants: Domestic and foreign participants of all forms of ownership and organizational legal forms participate in procurement procedures on equal terms.

Cleaning of agricultural fields of at least 500,000 square meters, including the conduct of external quality control (conducted by the inspection commission from the external quality control) and the transfer of land (Land Release) to the Makariv hromada of the Bucha raion of the Kyiv oblast. The service provider is responsible for the logistical support of the work.

Start of work: approximately from May 1, 2023, after the signing of the Service Agreement.
End of work: October 30, 2023.

Basic technical requirements for the service provider:
1. Must be in the List of operators of mine action who have passed certification by the Certification Body.
2. Availability of valid certificates of conformity of the following processes:
– battle area clearance (valid at least until November 30, 2023); – manual clearance (valid at least until November 30, 2023).

It will be an advantage:
1. Experience of executing similar contracts (at least two contracts).
2. Experience of practical work in the field of mine action for at least 2 years.

List of necessary documents for participation:
– an extract from the EDRPOU (no more than one month from the date of registration)
– a copy of the Charter or other statute documents;
– original or copy of the VAT payer’s certificate or extract from the register of value added tax payers / Original or copy of the single tax payer’s certificate or extract from the register of single tax payers;
– certificates of conformity of the mine action operator;
– list of personnel and equipment of the humanitarian demining group;
– profile of mine action operator.

Selection criteria:
The first stage: compliance with technical requirements and evaluation of the submitted documents.
The second stage: in case of successful completion of the first stage, suppliers are evaluated according to the criteria of the lowest price per square meter. (The currency of the tender offer is hryvnia)

Submit the tender offer together with the documents to the email address: info@uda.org.ua. Subject of the letter: “Humanitarian demining tender”.
Contacts for clarification:info@uda.org.ua.  Subject of the letter: “Clarification on the tender”.

Duration of the tender: April 7-24, 2023

The tender period has been extended to May 25th, 2023