тендер 5 tender - навчання, training

The tender on deminers training has been extended

Ukrainian Deminers Association (UDA) is announcing about extending a tender for the training of 10 deminers/sappers demining of the EOD2 and EOD3 level from state and non-state MA operators to June 5th 2023.

UDA is reminding conditions of the tender.

Participants: Domestic and foreign participants of all forms of ownership and organizational legal forms participate in tender procedures on equal terms.

Specifications: Training of 10 deminers/sappers demining of the EOD2 and EOD3 level of state and non-governmental MA operators with the aim of increasing national potential. Currently, there is a shortage of deminers/sappers demining with 2/3 EOD level qualifications in Ukraine. These are team leaders who will help humanitarian mine action operators to deploy demining teams and carry out their work safely and effectively in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).

The training period, beginning and end, will be confirmed and agreed with the tender winner separately.

All details and conditions of the tender, as well as where to send documents, can be found on the tender page.

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