тендер 5 tender - навчання, training

NGO “Ukrainian Deminers Association” announces a TENDER.

A tender for the training of 10 deminers/sappers demining of the EOD2 and EOD3 level from state and non-state MA operators. As part of the implementation of the project “Ukrainian humanitarian mine action response and assistance”, which is funded by the Donor – the UNITED NATIONS, acting through its Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on the basis of a Grant Agreement between OCHA and Ukrainian Deminers Association.

Participants: Domestic and foreign participants of all forms of ownership and organizational legal forms participate in tender procedures on equal terms.

Specifications: Training of 10 deminers/sappers demining of the EOD2 and EOD3 level of state and non-governmental MA operators with the aim of increasing national potential. Currently, there is a shortage of deminers/sappers demining with 2/3 EOD level qualifications in Ukraine. These are team leaders who will help humanitarian mine action operators to deploy demining teams and carry out their work safely and effectively in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).

Logistics support: accommodation, food, travel, material and technical base at the expense of the service provider. The provider does not cover transportation costs related to arrival and departure to the place of study.
Duration of training is 4-5 weeks for one level.
The training period, beginning and end, will be confirmed and agreed with the tender winner separately.

Basic technical requirements for the service provider:
1. Documents confirming the compliance of training courses and instructors with IMAS.
2. Availability of certified training courses/programs in the areas of: disposal of explosive ordnance level 2 and level 3.
3. Experience of executing similar contracts (at least two contracts) in Ukraine or abroad.

Will be an advantage:
– More than 2 years of practical work experience in training deminers/sappers demining of the EOD2 and EOD3 level.

The main list of documents provided:
1. Information on permission to conduct training programs/courses with EOD 2,3.
2. Detailed information about the training program with EOD 2,3.
3. Information on providing the training institution with everything necessary for conducting training programs/courses with EOD 2,3.
4. Information on permits for work in Ukraine.
5. Extract of EDRPOU (not more than one month from the date of registration).
6. Certificate of state registration of a legal entity.
7. A copy of the Charter or other statute document.
8. Original or copy of the VAT payer’s certificate or extract from the register of value added tax payers / Original or copy of the single tax payer’s certificate or extract from the register of single tax payers.
9. Bank statement of an open account in UAH.
10. Other information of the service provider.

Selection criteria:
The first stage: compliance with technical requirements and assessment of submitted documents.
The second stage (final): in case of successful completion of the first stage, suppliers are evaluated according to the criteria of the lowest price offer per person. The currency of the tender offer is hryvnia.

The tender offer together with documents and all questions regarding the tender should be sent to the e-mail address: info@uda.org.ua with a subject of the letter: “Tender for the training of deminers”.
Contacts for clarification: info@uda.org.ua with a subject of the letter: “Tender clarification”.

Clarification period: April 14 – May 15, 2023.

* The tender period has been extended to June 5th, 2023!