Ukrainian Deminers Association in foreign mass media

"What lies beneath"

International news agency Reuters published an article about dangerous situation in Ukraine regarding land mines and other explosive ordnance.
“Land mines left by Russian forces in Ukraine pose a deadly threat to Kyiv’s military – and civilians in liberated territory”.
The article mentions comments of international organizations that work in Ukraine and also referrers to the words of the UDA head Tymur Pistriuha on this issue.

"Danger in every step: the ‘chaotic and complex’ work of Ukraine’s de-miners"

Chairman of the Board of NGO Ukrainian Deminers Association (UDA) Tymur Pistriuha gave an interview to international English newspaper The Guardian. He discussed the difficult situation in Ukraine due to the large volume and chaotic nature of mined areas.

"Mines in Ukraine: 'The threat is pervasive'"

German international TV and Radio station “Deutsche Welle” published an interview with the UDA chairman of the Board Tymur Pistriuha about the demining situation in Ukraine, the scope of work and terms of possible clearing of the territories, as well as international assistance in this matter.

"Crews at Work Ridding Ukraine of Landmines, Other Explosives"

The European edition of the American radio station “Voice of America” interviewed the UDA chairman of the Board Tymur Pistriuha and the State emergency service of Ukraine specialists regarding the conditions and complexity of demining Ukraine after three months of full-scale invasion of the russian federation.

"Demining territories: how Ukraine is freed from explosives"

The Ukrainian edition of the French international radio station “RFI” (broadcasts in 16 languages) published an interview with the UDA chairman of the board Tymur Pistriuha, regarding the activities of the UDA on humanitarian demining of the territory of Ukraine. As well as his comments on the dangers of illegal demining and the consequences it leads to.

"UKRAINE Mine Action - 5W Situation Report"

NGO Ukrainian Deminers Association (UDA) is  a permanent partner in UN Protection Clusters system of humanitarian response coordination.

“Mine Action Review” is a document, where UN reports on the work of its partners, including UDA, as a national mine action operator in Ukraine.

"Ready to clear mines in Ukraine: On a scale that no one has seen since World War II"

The article of our partners Norwegian international NGO “Norwegian People’s Aid” (NPA) regarding the start of the demining program of Ukraine, as well as joint work with UDA within the educational project “Conflict preparedness and protection” (СРР)

"MAG set to start work in Ukraine"

English NGO “Mines Advisory Group” (MAG) in partnership with the NGO UDA began work in Ukraine, in particular within the project with a direct focus on educating vulnerable population about the dangers of mines and other explosive ordnance.

"Two Months of Russian Invasion – Ukraine"

“CANADA-UKRAINE FOUNDATION” published an article about partnership with UDA, in particular, in landmine detection projects, and from February 24, 2022, in the provision of humanitarian aid to people affected by the war.

"ANALYSIS OF GENDER MAINSTREAMING in mine action by key actors in Ukraine"

The UN Mission in Canada released an analysis of gender mainstreaming in mine action by key actors in Ukraine, following the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. One of such actors is an NGO Ukrainian Deminers Association
(#6 in the list).

"Even as shells fall, Ukraine’s deminers work to make the land safe"

American international newspaper “The Christian Science Monitor” uses quotes from the head of the UDA chairman of the Board Tymur Pistriuha regarding the difficult situation of mining large areas near populated de-occupied territories.