Project “Let’s Clean Donbas Together!”

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   The NGO Ukrainian Deminers Association asks to support the extremely important for our country humanitarian project “Let’s Clean Donbass Together!”. The project is aimed at clearing agricultural lands of explosive objects (EO) of liberated areas in eastern Ukraine.

  As a result of hostilities, 700,000 hectares of EO are contaminated in the government-controlled Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts alone. And this is, for the most part, agricultural land that feeds local communities, provides work and bread for the families of our fellow citizens. In terms of the number of victims of mines and EO, Ukraine ranks 4th in the world after Afghanistan, Mali and Yemen.

  In 2021, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, the implementation of the crowdfunding project “Let’s Clean Donbass Together!” (#ОчистимоДонбасРазом). Thanks to partners and philanthropists (Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation, European Union, ISAR “Ednannia”, Rotary Ukraine), as well as concerned citizens in 2021 managed to raise money for demining 2,000,000 square meters of agricultural fields in eastern Ukraine.

  “Let’s Clean Donbass Together!” received popular recognition and on November 30, 2021 the project received the award – “Information Campaign of the Year”. 

   At the end of the year, the first agricultural field within the project was cleared – in the area of Vynohradne settlement (Mariupol Hromada). Although the field is relatively small, it turned out to be quite difficult for humanitarian demining. To put it mildly, the weather conditions did not promote demining at all, the security situation in the Mariupol direction remains aggravated. The demining team spent a long time clearing this field. The field is currently being prepared for external quality control, followed by official Land Release to local hromada.

   With the arrival of spring, our sappers will quickly clear other fields as part of the first stage of “Let’s clean Donbass together!”. Meanwhile, the NGO Ukrainian Deminers Association continues to raise funds for the next 20 hectares of Ukrainian land.

What will it give Ukraine:

  • Saved the lives of our fellow citizens, children and adults;
  • 40 tons of bread, 400 tons of vegetables;
  • Food for more than 1,500 local residents;
  • Supporting our fellow citizens who find themselves in a difficult life situation, which means it is another step towards unity and the formation of a conscious united nation.

Each patron and philanthropist who will support the project from 400 UAH. and above will receive Certificates of Land Cleared.

Piece by piece and we will clean Ukraine from the explosive remnants of the war!

Be together. This is the only way we can overcome all the consequences of the war today and, ultimately, make the lands of Ukraine safe for Ukrainians.


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