Supervisory Board


Head of the Supervisory Board - Major General, former Deputy Minister of Emergency of Ukraine, deminer - Vasyl KVASHUK;

Members of the Supervisory Board:


Major General, former Advisor to the first President of Ukraine, co-owner of profile company on humanitarian demining - Volodymyr PETENKO;


Justice Major-General, Deputy, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption, served in the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the USSR - Viktor CHUMAK.

Executive Board

Executive Director - Tymur PISTRIUHA;

Chief Accountant - Natalia SEVERINA;

The secretary - Roman KERNYCHNYI;

Head of the direction of lawmaking processes of mine activities - Andrey KULCHYTSKY;

Head of the direction of mine risk education (MRE) - Sergey CHUTKIY;

Head of the direction of training (pre-training) of deminers - Igor KOMAROV;

Head of the direction of assistance in the employment of deminers - Yevgeny ANTIPENKO.

Expert Board

Legal Adviser, Lawyer – Viktoriia RADCHENKO

Mine Explosive Expert –Dmytro DERIGIN

Explosive Ordnance Definition Expert – Pavlo MELNYKOV

Mine Action Equipment Expert – Vadym KOVALSKIY